Coastal Countertop Down Under

Since I’m currently in Australia sans kitchen, I thought I’d embrace the lingering Thanksgiving spirit and pay tribute to everyone who supports The Coastal Countertop. I’m so lucky to have people around me who are inspired by my recipes and are often curious enough to try them out. Below are just a few photos of dishes that have been inspired by, or recreated from, The Coastal Countertop.

Annie’s take on the Persian Lamb & Yellow Split Pea Stew. Original recipe here.

Lisa was inspired by Persian ingredients and flavors and incorporated them into this grilled Mediterranean pizza.

Tucker used this recipe to create his own Ponzu Kale Chips at home.

Jillian had a night in with the Coastal Countertop and cooked up a storm, mastering the Avocado Spinach Mac ‘n Cheese, as well as the infamous Brussels Sprouts.

On a hot summer day, Lisa recreated one of my healthiest favorites — the Zucchini Cucumber Salad with Ginger Sesame Tofu.

Keep ’em coming!


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