A Peek into the Coastal Countertop

Coastal Countertop

If you’ve ever wondered where all of the Coastal Countertop magic happens, you’re in luck!

While I occasionally cook from a friend’s countertop, or from a distant countertop while traveling, most of the time it happens here.

When I first moved into The Shoebox (what I call my apartment for two reasons: 1) the teeny size, and 2) the volume of shoes per capita), I knew I wanted to focus first on my kitchen since it’s where I spend so much of my time.

Coastal Countertop

A couple of my favorite cookbooks are always on hand: Ottolenghi’s Plenty and Ariana Bundy’s Pomegranates and Roses. And of course, Volume 1 of the Coastal Countertop Cookbook! And while I find the mason jar trend completely exhausted, these large ones are multi-functional: for decor in the fall and winter, and for brewing kombucha in the spring!

Coastal Countertop

Above is the chalkboard where my weekly dinner menu lives. I often light candles in the kitchen while doing dishes; I find that it makes the experience more pleasant, leaving my kitchen clean and smelling great! I accredit Elle Decor magazine for much of my home decor inspiration, you’ll often find an issue or two lying around my apartment.

The Coastal Countertop

I try to make the most of my tiny kitchen by utilizing  wall space wherever I can – the hanging pots are used for drying utensils and also for holding potted flowers or herbs.  The ‘Olive’ hand soap/lotion from Crate & Barrel is one of my favorite kitchen duos (I like to stay away from overly citrus-y soaps and lotions, they drown out the scent of your food, and candles 🙂 )

The Coastal Countertop


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